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About the AMBCS

The Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series was formed in the summer of 1996 by several  the promoters to bring added continuity and professionalism to the series. Today, The AMBCS calendar has races all across the state of Arkansas featuring a wide variety of race courses, ranging from the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains to the Arkansas River Valley.  The races promoted on the AMBCS calendars offer mountain bike racers all conceivable types of terrain.

All AMBCS races feature NORBA recognized classes and categories, as well as an active Junior program. Thus, regardless if you are a seasoned veteran in racing or if you are looking for your first race opportunity, there is a race for you.

Some Words About Rider Courtesy
and the Environment

It has been brought to our attention that a good number of riders who use gel or other energy products drop the wrappers on the trail, as they are racing. A number of racers have complained that this is distracting while land managers and clean up volunteers have pointed out that these are havens for fire ants and a surefire way to get stung. We ask that all riders place empty wrappers in their jerseys. The rider has to reach into his jersey to pull out the product, why not put the waste in the same place?

As land users we must be responsible in our actions whether we are out pleasure riding or racing. The environment that we can harm by being careless knows no difference.

Pay Dirt:
The AMBCS offers a Pay Dirt program, where you the rider can earn a first place finish that can be used in the Series Rankings.  Its really quite simple.  Do trail work during authorized pay dirt work days and.  Accumulate 8 hours and you earn a first place.  This is truly a win / win program.  You help maintain trails through the Pay Dirt program and then you earn a first place finish.


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